Alex Kaufman

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Alex Kaufman is a third generation real estate broker with over 15 years experience working in San Francisco real estate. Alex was born in the Bernal Heights neighborhood of San Francisco in the house his father built. He was raised in the North Bay, and has great adoration for the country and city lifestyles of the Bay Area.

The extensive experience Alex has working with rental investments gives him a unique perspective that is well suited to advise an investor or a seller. The need for accurate forecasting of investment value is paramount, and an agent's accuracy and diligence are key in a successful transaction. Alex is a dedicated and persistent broker. His dedication to each of his clients' specific real estate objectives is integral to their success.

"Alex Kaufman is ON IT! J. Wavro and fellow SF city-dwellers, I cannot say enough about how great this Agent is to work with.

Apartment hunting in San Francisco is a competitive, grueling, time-consuming, and tedious effort. I looked at a dozen apartments and worked with several other Agents at various agencies in the bay area. Alex is by far the most helpful and pleasant to work with. He's honest, has your best interests at heart, punctual, and is QUICK to respond. Ask him anything you want about the market - he'll give it to you straight. The guy is good peoples.

Each and every interaction with Alex throughout the process - from scheduling a viewing, to processing my application, to signing the lease, to meeting the landlord, to getting move-in information - had a 1-day turn-around. Amazing. For a busy gal like me, I appreciate the no-frills speedy service!

I am now moving into a new dream apartment that could not be a more perfect match. Thank you, Alex and J. Wavro!

-- Linh P. 12/10/2012"

"Had a great experience with Alex Kaufman from J Wavro. He got us two possible renters within 2 weeks of listing our condo, and was able to negotiate a better price with one of them.

He is very responsive to email, and is open to any ideas I had on how to rent it out.

Overall a great experience, and I highly recommend you deal with Alex.

-- Nikhil B. 12/14/2011"

"Alex Kaufman is a true pro. I've worked with him to find a new apartment on two separate occasions and he has been terrific. He is prompt, knowledgable and straight to the point. In short, he's a good listener, won't waste your time and will find you the place you want.

Finding a new place in SF is no fun, and using an agent isn't cheap. So, retain someone who you'll like and feel like you got your money's worth!

-- Andrew J. 10/7/2013"

"If you want to rent the perfect place in SF, hire Alex Kaufman.

For less than one month's rent, Alex found me the perfect Castro gem after more than a year of looking myself. What's more, he did it all in a weekend. He cut through all the red tape and got me to the top of each potential landlord's list, all while educating me about the city's neighborhoods and the pros/cons of living there.

Alex took the time straight off the bat to get to know me, and was therefor MUCH better suited to find me a place than A) myself or B) someone with a list of my preferences. Together, we found a place that I really DID want, and where I am very, very, very happy.

Get Alex, get moved, and do it yesterday!

-- David E. 4/1/2013"